My Court Case

So today in my AP government class we were arguing court cases. We would make a makeshift supreme court with nine justices and lawyers arguing each case. I was arguing the case Hobbs v. Jackson. In this case Jackson, an 14 year old with his two friends attempted to rob a bank. In the process one of his friends shot and killed a clerk that worked there. I was arguing that he should face life in prison without parole. I realized that this court case would be very difficult since I personally didn’t believe that Jackson deserved life in prison. And that it would be very difficult to convince the members of the “Supreme Court” that he should receive life in prison without parole. However I brought up subjects such as his previous criminal history. I argued how he didn’t turn his friend in and attempted to run from the law. In the end I was surprised that the entire “Supreme Court” agreed that Jackson should receive life in prison. Overall I thought I did a fairly good job arguing a case that I personally didn’t really believe in.

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