BCIT the different uses of Netiquette

So this past week all we have been doing it talking about the different uses of Netiquette on the internet. There was a lot of interesting things said by different people. Even though there was a lot of things that was said that I already knew about there was also a lot of different things that I didn’t know about. One thing that I didn’t know about was the bandwidth that Neal was talking about. I knew before that there must have been some reason why the internet was so much slower when there was a lot of user online. However it wasn’t until Neal told me what this was actually called and gave some more detail that I knew what it actually was. I also learned some interesting stuff about how online chatting works. For example I had no idea what flamming was before and it was explained to me quite well. I also learned a lot from my own presentation about copy right laws. For example I didn’t know some of the copyright myths like your copy rights is lost after 50 years. Overall I thought it was a interesting assignment.