Video Games

I have enjoyed playing video games for a large portion of my life, and still do. The two types of video games that I normally enjoy playing are computer war-strategy games and tetris. The first computer war-strategy game that I have ever played are the Age of Empires series. These war-strategy games are not only very entertaining to play but also very beneficial for me. These war strategy games help my mind to stay in shape. In the Age of Empires series you have to use strategy to defeat your enemies which can help my brain improve its memory, makes it think, and keeping it active. I also enjoy playing Tetris. Tetris is a really enjoyable game that I believe can definitely improve your brain activity. In fact studies show that if you play tetris for 10 minutes a day it can definitely improve you brain activity. So overall I believe that video games are a great way to relax and improve brain activity.

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