My Court Case

So today in my AP government class we were arguing court cases. We would make a makeshift supreme court with nine justices and lawyers arguing each case. I was arguing the case Hobbs v. Jackson. In this case Jackson, an 14 year old with his two friends attempted to rob a bank. In the process one of his friends shot and killed a clerk that worked there. I was arguing that he should face life in prison without parole. I realized that this court case would be very difficult since I personally didn’t believe that Jackson deserved life in prison. And that it would be very difficult to convince the members of the “Supreme Court” that he should receive life in prison without parole. However I brought up subjects such as his previous criminal history. I argued how he didn’t turn his friend in and attempted to run from the law. In the end I was surprised that the entire “Supreme Court” agreed that Jackson should receive life in prison. Overall I thought I did a fairly good job arguing a case that I personally didn’t really believe in.

BCIT the different uses of Netiquette

So this past week all we have been doing it talking about the different uses of Netiquette on the internet. There was a lot of interesting things said by different people. Even though there was a lot of things that was said that I already knew about there was also a lot of different things that I didn’t know about. One thing that I didn’t know about was the bandwidth that Neal was talking about. I knew before that there must have been some reason why the internet was so much slower when there was a lot of user online. However it wasn’t until Neal told me what this was actually called and gave some more detail that I knew what it actually was. I also learned some interesting stuff about how online chatting works. For example I had no idea what flamming was before and it was explained to me quite well. I also learned a lot from my own presentation about copy right laws. For example I didn’t know some of the copyright myths like your copy rights is lost after 50 years. Overall I thought it was a interesting assignment.

Video Games

I have enjoyed playing video games for a large portion of my life, and still do. The two types of video games that I normally enjoy playing are computer war-strategy games and tetris. The first computer war-strategy game that I have ever played are the Age of Empires series. These war-strategy games are not only very entertaining to play but also very beneficial for me. These war strategy games help my mind to stay in shape. In the Age of Empires series you have to use strategy to defeat your enemies which can help my brain improve its memory, makes it think, and keeping it active. I also enjoy playing Tetris. Tetris is a really enjoyable game that I believe can definitely improve your brain activity. In fact studies show that if you play tetris for 10 minutes a day it can definitely improve you brain activity. So overall I believe that video games are a great way to relax and improve brain activity.

Steve Jobs R.I.P

So yesterday October fifth Steve Jobs has passed away. Though I don’t have a lot of Apple technology I know all the impact that Steve Jobs has had on the world. My only piece of Apple technology is my apple nano ipod. Even though I don’t own that much apple technology I know that Steve Jobs help revolution the computer and helped the world progress a lot. Even though he didn’t invent the computer or the internet he did create new ways and methods that eventually became the phenomena know as apple. From start beginnings at his father’s garage to multi-billion dollar cooperation Steve Jobs is truly an amazing person.

My Sunday weekend

So this Sunday was very interesting it was the first fencing practice of the week. I got to meet all the new people that joined the fencing club and met all my old acquaintances from last year. We first introduced ourselves and said why we joined fencing in the first place. It was very interesting to hear what everyone had to say. The next thing we did was the warm up. So twenty people played soccer in a room the size of the choir room with a bunch of mirrors in it. It was so much fun(to watch)!!!! Then the coach worked with the beginners while I led the rest of the team. We started with the 300 lunges which I led the team. Afterwards I led them in the blade works. Since this was the first practice we only did basic exercises like a straight hit to the opponents. We would alternate so everyone could do it. Then we started more complicated things like an attack and the opponent would parry the blade and riposte(which is a french word) onto the opponent. So we did this for twenty minutes and in the last forty minutes we simply free-bouted. I did most of the directing and it was quite interesting to see my old teammates fence each other and at the same time I knew we would have to improve a lot if we are to win again this year. So overall this was a pretty fun first practice. Unfortunately i didn’t do anything because I ripped my tendon.

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